Top 6 Takeaways of 2018

Top 6 takeaways of 2018


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Palms and Paper made it through its first full year!  Making it through a full year was huge and getting to experience all the “seasons” in this business was enlightening. I experienced engagement season, I experienced wedding season and I experienced the holiday season - all of which brought new exciting moments and new hurdles. At the end of the year I walked way with six memorable lessons from the year.

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1.       Learn to Celebrate

Celebrate!  Celebrate the big, celebrate the small. P & P hit a lot of goals and “moments” I had for the year and for the business in general and I choose to celebrate all of them. This business is an adventure and sometimes things get a little crazy but I don’t want to miss the moments I’ve worked so hard to get to without a little acknowledgment. A few examples of moments I celebrated were: When I hit 500 sales in October, I popped open a mini bottle of champagne, poured myself a glass and took a moment to reflect getting to that goal - I had wanted to hit 500 by December. When I had the majority of my holiday line listed in November (the previous year I had two listed the second week of December), I poured myself a really nice glass of wine and when I sent out that last of those holiday orders in December, I poured a glass of champagne. Best of all, I celebrated when I had my work published, TWICE! I think even if they were a small goal it’s important to take a moment and appreciate that “you did it!”

2.       Be yourself

In the age of pinterst and social media it is hard to not go in a hundred different directions, feel overwhelmed and over saturated in ideas.  While I was creating my website at the beginning of summer, I realized I needed a clearer version then what I was building.  I was grateful the experience of creating my website helped me define a little more of what I wanted and which direction I wanted to see P & P grow.  While it’s still a work in progress, once I did start making the vision clear to the clients I was targeting, I saw a huge difference in my projects and orders I received.

3.       Trust your gut

This year I learned the power of NO and holy moly it was a game changer. In the first year while trying to grow my business I took all and every order. I wanted to challenge myself with new ideas clients came to me with and I was afraid to not take projects thinking there may not be another one after that [ instagram post here ].  During some of these projects, I knew they were wrong for me, I knew the person bring the idea to me was not my ideal client and I still, I said yes.  These projects turned out to be much more of a headache and heartache.  If a client or project doesn’t feel right, trust your gut and say no.  I promise there are more out there that you will love!  

4.       The Burnout - it’s real and it sucks

This happened and it sucked.  I took on too much in my personal life, with my full time job and with Palms & Paper.  Finding balance since adding P&P to my life has had its challenges and in 2018 I felt the pressure.  I ended up with too much on my plate and I ended up burnt out creatively, physically and emotionally - this also goes with the whole lesson of learnig it’s okay to say no. During this time I realized it’s much tougher to pick up the pieces of a burn out and get back on track then had I just made a few adjustments and kept a more balanced life. 

5.       Give Grace

Even though I celebrated a lot in 2018, I also missed the mark on a few things. I write out goals for every month, every six months, every year and overall. I’m proud to say I accomplished a lot but I also missed chances on other things or didn’t do things in the time frame I had set for myself. While I found this frustrating I realized I had to stop, take a step back and realize okay I didn’t accomplish this off the list but look at what I did!  Putting goals on paper doesn’t mean it is going to happen, it shows intent and sometimes that is enough.  Sometimes, unforeseen issues arrive (good and bad) and they throw you off your path. When that happens give yourself grace. 

6.       Never stop learning

I love to read and this year I added a few business oriented books to my line up and loved them!  Growing this business has become such an important aspect of my life and I wanted to learn how to go through this process in the best way possible!  I believe you can never learn too much and in an area like small business growth, where I know nothing and it’s always changing, I tried to get my hands on as many books and articles I could find.  I also started listening to podcast while I worked and found a trove of informative information in them and loved hearing others experience.  For 2019 I have big plans to continue to learn!