My Favorite Office Items

Like I discuss in February post, Favorite Apps for Running my Business, I also have my favorite office items! Once you get past my love for my antique desk, my huge apple computer and my target shelving, there are a few times that I use every day that help the hands-on part of my business run smoothly.


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1. S C A LE

My scale is a lifesaver for shipping!  If you are planning on offering multiple items that are all a little different, I highly suggest owning a scale.  Whenever offering new items or shipping out larger ones I use my scale to get an idea of what I need to be charge my clients.  There is nothing worst then coming up with a umber off the top of your head and it being too low and you having to eat the cost of shipping.  This little scale will save you a lot of money in the long run!

2. L I G H T

I spend a lot of early mornings and a lot of late nights in my office (my 5-9 job!) and an extra light on the desk is defiantly needed!  After searching for what seemed like forever and one purchased light that I needed up hating, I found this fun mid century light.  While it doesn’t give off a ton of light, it’s been perfect!

3. D R A F T I N G   T A B L E

Wedding season is in full swing and I can tell you one trend that is BIG right now, acrylic signs.  My drafting table easily can be placed on my desk and used to make the larger signs.  I was standing and kneeling over signs before on the floor but using the drafting table gives me a much better perspective and it saves my back! 

4. R U L E D   C U T T I N G   M A T

This was the thing I never knew I needed!  I originally had much smaller version of this that I used on occasion of envelopes and place cards.  Then my mother in law bought me this one for my birthday and let’s just say game changer! This ruled mat has been a life saver for so many of my products and making sure lines & words are straight.  It has also been great for when wedding vinyl and spilled paint (because it happens sometimes). 

5. S T A M P

When I originally started thinking about getting a stamp to use to up my marketing and to also be more eco friendly then using stickers, I thought they were a little expensive.  But then I rethought it and realized, yes this might seem a little steep for a stamp but it’s an investment and I will get so much use out of it! I use my stamp for everything from gift bags when I do pop ups, to the outside of boxes when I ship them.  This is an investment I would totally make again and was totally worth it!

6. P A P E R   C U T T E R

There is a lot of cutting that goes on in my line of business.  I use this cutter everyday whether it is cutting mailing labels (next investment is a label machine!), card stock for place cards, or vinyl.  My cutter lets me get precise clean lines and is great for doing larger projects.  It’s a little bulky but when I am not using it I slide it under the consul I use for shipping and it fits perfectly. 


7. B L U E   L I G H T   G L A S S E S

While I would like to say I spend all my time writing, a great deal of this business is spent answering emails, searching the web for new products, and creating & creating and mock ups.  Unfortunately all of this calls for a lot of time in from of the computer and a lot of harsh light destroying my eyes.  In an attempt to save them and possibly stop myself from gaining anymore forehead wrinkles, I bought a pair of blue light glasses. These have been such a life safer for my eyes and within in a day of using them I immediately felt a difference for my eyes. 


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